What is Better Packaging, paper or plastic

The holiday season is ramping up to full gear, and having a lot of shipping is completely normal during then. But, what’s better during this time of year for shipping everything, paper or plastic? The answer is below, and we’ll tell you what you should consider when you’re packaging your items.

This is all independent of what you need, but the best way to determine what’s good for you is really based on the benefits of both, and we’ll highlight them below.

First is paper. This is the more sustainable option to this kind of packaging, and you definitely will want to consider this option. That’s because it’s biodegradable, and it’s good for a lot of people, since if it is disregarded instead of recycled, it can be repurposed as well.

Paper packaging is also more standardized, which means that it’s more sanctioned in weights and sizes, and a little better on shipping costs. Depending on the item weight, paper packaging also involves durability to make sure it stays in place. There is more added room between the item and the packaging sides, which in turn allows for more safety and protection. Corrugated packaging also offers this in a sturdy container in order to help you make sure the items aren’t bumped along the way.

While paper does tend to be more expensive, that’s an answer in quality. Paper packaging and shipping is a statement, and it’s better in value, and it can help your brand really stand out. This is a great way to really make you the best you can be for your own packaging needs.

Then we’ve got plastic. While paper package is always a good way to get an item, is it really the best fit? If you need something more durable, especially during the winter with how weird the climate can be, plastic packaging is the strongest especially since it’s very apparent. Ice, snow, slush, and whatever is happening during the winter is definitely something that you want to consider using when you want to protect whatever is inside from the colder winter weather. On the shelf of in inventory, this does have a much longer lifespan, and it’ll keep everything much more contained, whether you’ve got tiny items, or big, hulking items.

Another big benefit of this is of course, the affordability. Plastic is incredibly inexpensive, and if you need to cut costs, this is great for you to consider. It is good for any budget, even if you need it in bulk. Plastic packaging also allows for you to have brighter, bolder colors and patterns, including custom poly bags, which will make everything stand out, whether your’ e giving it as a gift in hand, or shipping it away somewhere. While paper is good for being the more sustainable options, plastic is also recyclable, too, since it does have the ability to be used, and because of the durability in this, this can be re-shipped.

So, you should think about the different ways these can help. For those who want a statement, you can actually use paper for protection, plastic. If you’re tight on budget, you should make sure to consider plastic packaging as the more affordable option in that case. But, there are a lot of other factors that go into this, and you should always consider all of the different aspects before you settle for one packaging choice over another. It can be hard, but understanding this early on does help you too.