How to Unbox Your Brand

Almost all American s shop online, and about half of the shoppers will still prefer to see a product in-person. But, how can you bring them that experience through your sales? Well, unboxing is the way to do it, and it’s a tactic used to help people get interested in your product, so they buy it.

Unboxing is where a newly gotten product comes in, the person sometimes does a video or some photos on opening it, and will look a the features and contents. This is something an influencer puts together, and it’s then filmed and shared on social media. YouTube and Instagram are the two main places where unboxing happens, but twitter seems to also be including this too. Social media users use this to help them judge the usefulness of a product, and it’s a way for them to see the product without having to go all the way out to a brick and mortar store. Which for people who don’t’ like to do that, it can be a godsend. This is great, because prospective customers can see your brand, how you brand it, and how you can customize these boxes to serve you.

Businsses that use this, especially ones with monthly subscriptions, are becoming more and more popular since customized boxes and unique options for packaging will help them stand out in a world of brown cardboard. If you want people to unbox, you gotta make it different somehow. This is similar to the story of the coke cans. The Coca-Cola red cylinder was replaced with silver when it first started on the diet versions. People knew this, and of course they knew coke, so it will help them recognize the brand.

You want to be recognized as a brand form the boxes that you have, but then also factor in the product that’s inside for your customers. This includes the little additions you add to the order, or even business cards and some freebies. This will help you look good as a brand, and is all you should consider.

Once you’ve got a branded piece that’s external and figured out picked out, you should always look at the inside too. The unboxing experience isn’t just the outside of the boxes; it’s the inside too.

You want to, when you put this together, create something that’s fun both inside and outside, such as a note that that you can give to the receiver, fun little additions, and other promotional activities and items too. This is great, especially since it gives the customer a feeling of importance like they’re cutting the ribbon on a new feature at a place.

Tissue paper is a great way to start if you’re on the cheaper end, and there are of course, packing tape and other custom options too. Regardless though, you should always look for the different branded items in order to create an experience that’s memorable and fun.

You’d be amazed at the different actions that you can take to help build your brand, and you’ll be able to, with this as well, build a wonderful, meaningful brand that will change your life. Continue on this path, and start with changing your unboxing experiences today. Nobody likes a bland box when they are unboxing, and it does play a major role in how other people will look at your box. So always shy on the end of being interesting, being flashy, and have fun with this, and also do it for your audience too.